Philips Introduces Touch Screen Overlays

Philips Signage Solutions, operated by Envision Peripherals Inc. (EPI), today announced the Touch Screen Overlay Product Series for users to enable smooth and timely touch functions.

Philips Signage offers another touch option for users to enable touch functions on their signage displays. With existing touch series of displays that equip multi-point touch capability, the touch screen overlay brings more benefits to the Philips Signage touch series. Those include flexibility, simple installation and easy maintenance, and user-friendly 6-point touch technology.

The same as the embedded touch series, the Touch Screen Overlay Series goes with IR 6-point touch and Windows 7 and 8, MacOS, Linux, and Cisco Linux HID compliant technology. It not only maximizes the usage in a broad software environment, but also minimizes the numbers of connection cables. The simple installation feature lets users convert a regular display to a touch-enabled display in a few minutes.

General Manager of Envision Peripherals Inc., Philips Signage global licensee and North America business operation company, Rosa Chiu said, “Users are able to select the right touch solution for their needs. Our touch screen overlay broadens our selection for worry-free touch conversion. Touch screen overlay even eases the post-sale service on touch function.”

Touch screen overlay frames have size option for all the existing Philips Signage displays, 32” to 55” QL series and 32” to 65” EL series. Philips Signage keeps supporting embedded touch displays in 32” to 65” TT series.