We’ve all got somewhere to go, and the quicker we get there, the better. We’re so used to having information in the palm of our hands; just ask Siri or Google. That defines our expectations when it comes to getting to where we’re going, and how information is given to us. So whether it’s an airport, train station, or bus stop, there is no better way to give travellers the information they’re looking for than with a digital display.

Real time information
Why Philips

Wide range of brightness options

  • No matter if it’s in a dimly lit corridor, or in the middle of a brightly lit atrium, Philips offers displays in a wide range of brightness settings, so your message is sure to shine bright and clear

Easily updatable from a central location

  • Philips signage makes it easy to push out content to connected monitors, all through one central location. Whether the monitors are daisy chained, connected by SmartBrowser through a URL, or through our SmartCMS software, your message will get across to all monitors, in real time

Many touch solutions

  • Travellers want to get from point A to point B in as quick as possible. With a Philips touchscreen, this is made simple. With plug and play touch overlays, or integrated touchscreens, you can deploy these monitors in any environment and have your travelers easily find their way