LCD Video Walls from Philips

Create a Memorable Message with a Video Wall


Philips complete line of full HD video walls encompass a wide range of sizes and technology. Our large format displays are designed to shine in any deployment. Featuring ultra slim bezels, flexible mounting systems, an easy installation toolkit and more, a Philips LCD video wall is truly best-in-class.


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Video Wall Benefits
Enhance The Store Environment
Improve Marketing Effectiveness
Improve Employee Communication
The Philips Video Wall Advantage

Edge alignment kits for simple video wall installation.

  • A video wall leaves little room for error when installation comes around. To make things simpler for you, Philips includes an edge alignment kit in it’s XH and XL displays

Color Calibration for a consistent look

  • It’s the little things that really make a good video wall pop. That’s why Philips offers a color calibration feature on it’s XL and XH models. This feature ensures that, no matter if it’s a 20 screen video wall, a four screen array, the color stays the same across the board.

Near imperceptible bezel

  • Philips ultra-narrow bezel creates an almost seamless transition, leaving little to no space between displays