Schools, no matter if it’s K-12 or an University, can enjoy significant benefits through the use of digital signage. Digital signage not only allows improved communication with students, faculties, and visitors, but it also creates revenue generation opportunities through campus approved advertising. Here are just a few ways to use digital displays in education

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Education Applications
Campus Communications
Campus Directions
Donor and School Recognition
Why Philips

Stream Content Through A Website

  • Philips SmartBrowser feature allows content to be displayed on its monitors through a designated URL. This content can then be pushed to all monitors connected through a schools intranet, all through one central location

Update And show Your Message In Real Time

  • Philips SmartCMS feature gives complete control of content to the end user. From content design to layout and scheduling, schools can show what they want, when they want. Whether it’s an emergency announcement or simply next week’s lunch menu, content is controlled through a central location. Once any changes are made, all connected monitors are updated in real time.

Multi Touch For An Interactive Experience

  • Philips offers touch solutions for any educational environment. Whether it’s an integrated touch monitor, or simply a touch overlay, true multi-touch capabilities are available.