By their very nature, hospitals and other medical environments need the most advanced technology to run at their full efficiency. That same mentally translates into how information, often time critical, is passed along inside its doors. That’s where digital signage comes in, where tasks like patients navigating the building and the internal communication between staff, becomes simpler. For any healthcare application, there is a Philips Signage Solution for you.

Healthcare Applications
Employee Communication
Reduce Perceived Wait Times
Why Philips

Send out any message in real time

  • This feature allows you to remotely control and manage all your displays. Identify your displays and fine tune the display settings across the hospital

Wayfinding Solutions

  • Help people get to where they need to be with a multi-touch wayfinding solution

Clear and Concise Picture, No Matter Where

  • For healthcare environments that let in a lot of natural light, screens can be difficult to see. That’s why Philips offers displays with a wide range of brightness options. Making sure that, no matter the brightness, you’re message shines clear