Digital Signage for Stadiums and Events

Stadiums and Events


Events, by their very nature, are designed to hold a crowd, and where there’s a crowd, there’s a chance to capture their attention and spread your content
That’s why stadiums and events are integrating digital screens into their facilities The targeted advertising, multizone views, and real time information keep your customers happily occupied during the lulls in entertainment. What better way to occupy your customers attention during breaks during events, than to keep them glued to your chosen content with a full HD, commercial grade digital displays.

Event Applications
Video walls for long distance viewing
4K 3D, image to hold a customer’s attention
Why Philips

Edge alignment kits for simple video wall installation.

  • A video wall leaves little room for error when installation comes around. To make things simpler for you, Philips includes an edge alignment kit in it’s XH and XL displays

Update And show Your Message In Real Time

  • Philips SmartCMS feature gives complete control of content to the end user. From content design to layout and scheduling, schools can show what they want, when they want. Whether it’s an emergency announcement or simply next week’s lunch menu, content is controlled through a central location. Once any changes are made, all connected monitors are updated in real time.