Making the switch to digital displays

From single location entrepreneurs to multi-chain conglomerates, any business can benefit from a switch to digital displays. While a tad hyperbolic, the point is still valid. Digital signage lets you show what you want, when you want, to any customer that passes through your doors. Here are two examples of how digital signage can help in different deployments.

Example 1:
Say you own, 15 quick service restaurants around the country. Your fried chicken and waffle (what a strange and delicious combo) restaurants are taking off, but with the the rapid growth, it’s been hard communicating the same message in all the stores. Time is precious, and with an ever changing menu, too much time is spent on manually updating menus (especially if you day part). That’s time that could be spent on the more important responsibilities a store manager has. That’s why so many QSR’s are making the switch. Some of the things commercial digital signage allows you to do:

Make changes to the menu, and push out those changes to your network of monitors, all in real time
Reduce the cost (and waste) of printing and shipping from static signs
Send a consistent message to your patrons
Use dynamic content to draw customers attention to higher margin items

Example 2:

It sure is tough owning a casino in a casino rich town. I mean, you need people to come in, but not win, but if they don’t win, they’re not going to come in. With a catch 22 like that, casino operators need find other ways to draw in potential customers (ex. stomach busting buffets). What about a more interactive solution? What about having touchscreen everything, where it’s as easy to navigate and play the games in your casino as is it to play with your phone. That’s why casinos investing more and more in digital signage. It sets them apart (at least, until everyone else has it) and keeps patrons focused on things other than how much money they are may or may not have lost. What else could you ask for?

So that’s why business operators need to invest in digital signage. Of course, you should invest in a display from Philips. I mean, this is a blog on Philips Signage website, so of course you should buy our products. Even with that being the case, Philips displays do offer features that line up very well with any market. We’ve got:
The worst thing to happen on a digital menu board in a restaurant is for the screen can go blank. Would be patrons turn into could’ve been because they can’t see what they want to order. Philips offers Failover in its displays, to make sure that screen never goes blank. Failover recognizes whenever the main media player fails, and switches it’s content source to a user designated input. And thats just one small reason why Philips Displays work in QSR
Stream content to any Philips screen from an URL. Perfect to send messages to staff through the company intranet. No need to spend any more money on a media player
The best warranty in the market
All Philips displays come with a 3 year advanced exchange warranty. That means if one our monitors fails, then we will send you out a brand new one. We’re not going to try to fix it, instead we’ll just swap it out. Simple as that.

So, at the end of the day, the question isn’t, “why wouldn’t you make the switch to digital”, it’s when.