Content failure protection from Philips


Philips Signage Solutions, operated by Envision Peripherals Inc. (EPI), today announced it has extended its high availability feature across all its digital signage lines to include video walls.   Initially, the Company included high availability on only two of its two top lines.

The success those two digital signage lines achieved with the high availability feature and the increasing acceptance of digital signage across a host of industries led Philips Signage Solutions to include that attractive feature in all its products.

The Philips Signage Solutions approach to high availability is to use a low-cost USB thumb drive. All failover files like images and videos can be placed in this device. In the case of content failure from the primary media player, the failover feature automatically retrieves and plays the pre-saved image and/or video files from the USB thumb drive. More importantly, the display is smart enough to failover during an abrupt and unexpected situation and can then come out of failover and return back to normal automatically. This worry-free mechanism can have the display returned to the original state once the main input signal is applied back.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Philips Signage Solutions, Glen Young said, “We’ve taken the simple and cost-effective approach to high availability so that QSRs, retailers, auto dealers, schools, hotels, and others using our digital signage displays can concentrate more on their businesses and less on technical matters.”

This high availability feature is found in all existing Philips Signage displays, low-cost 32”, 42” 46”, 55” 20QL series, commercial 32”, 42”, 46”, 55”, 65” 60 EL series, high brightness 42”, 46” 80VL series, and even 3.8mm A-A Video Wall XL and XH series. Philips Signage maintains its focus on high availability solutions that make public signage operation run safely, securely, and smoothly.