Toll Brothers modernizes the user experience with digital signage

In 1967, Toll Brothers began building dream homes, and today it’s the largest luxury homebuilder in the United States. A Fortune 1000 company, and most recently named national Builder of the Year by Builder magazine, Toll Brothers has made its name on innovative and environmentally friendly ways to build homes. That mindset led to a unique partnership between Toll Brothers and Philips Signage, and resulted in an innovative deployment of touchscreen monitors in their sales centers.



When building a home, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and a big part of that satisfaction is bringing to life the homeowner’s vision. Traditionally, physical mock-ups showed the available home sites on a site plan map. However there were a number of issues with this approach:

● Unless the sales team consistently updated the site plan, a customer could be looking at property that was already sold
● The large mock-ups caused showrooms to look cluttered and unwieldy
● It was hard for homeowners to envision what the final product would look like


How Philips digital displays helped


After careful consideration, Toll Brothers decided to deploy Philips touch screens, along with the 46” QL series monitors across their sales centers nationwide. The Philips touch screens are integrated in a tabletop enclosure that allow the user to view real-time building lot availability, home style selections, lifestyle amenities, location maps, and the options available on each home design. Wall mounted Philips displays loop through Toll Brothers’ slides and videos that showcase their offerings and highlight their advantages.

As a result, Toll Brothers was able to de-clutter their showroom and amplify its “wow” factor. The easy integration into the sales centers, a hallmark of Philips commercial displays, combined with the multi-touch functionality of Philips touch monitors, made it an easy choice. The commercial signage from Philips were also able to:

● Create a more interactive experience, allowing each homeowners to better visualize what the final home will look like
● Give relevant, up-to-date information to the sales team and prospects which home sites are or are not available
● Push out time-sensitive content to all their connected monitors nationwide controlled from a central location

Hear it from them
“We chose Philips interactive displays for their reliability, easy configuration, and vibrant color. These displays brought the user experience to a different level, and we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our customers. Philips has been quick to respond to our questions and resolve any issues that arise.”-Joe Ogletree Senior Web Development Manager for Toll Brothers

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