Digital signage changes the look and feel of Fresh Grocer

The Players

  • Philips Signage Solutions has a focused eye on one thing: delivering the best-quality digital signage displays in the business.
  • Ping HD, based in Denver, Colorado, is a full service digital signage company that offers custom signage solutions for projects of all sizes. Offering a turnkey approach, Ping HD takes care of the planning and installation as well as the content writing, designing and maintenance.
  • The Fresh Grocer is an accomplished grocer providing high quality perishables in an urban environment operating in the Greater Philadelphia area.

The Challenge

For its most recent expansion location, The Fresh Grocer decided to go in a different direction with its signage. With all other locations being in Pennsylvania, the company’s first foray into New Jersey offered the opportunity to develop more aesthetically pleasing and functional signage. Instead of the typical chalkboard variety found in its other locations, the grocer made the decision to utilize digital signage, a solution that had been under consideration for some time. The impetus behind this decision was twofold. The grocer has product offerings that are constantly in flux based on seasons and inventory. In addition, the grocer has menu items that change on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis. Digital signage seemed like a logical next step for the company because of the perpetual need to update signage content.

The Solution

Digital signage would allow the company to make real-time updates without time consuming reworks and without interrupting the flow of the customer experience. In store signage at all other locations is written on chalkboards, to match the company’s earthy, rustic theme, therefore digital signage was a completely new concept.

With this new model in mind, The Fresh Grocer tapped Ping HD to bring the project to life. As a single-service solution provider Ping HD had the task of bringing together every aspect of the digital signage project.

Ping HD worked with The Fresh Grocer to fully outfit the New Jersey store location with digital signage. The content can be updated remotely based on the time of day or inventory. The customer experience is not impeded by someone manually updating in-store signage. For example, between
the hours of 6 and 10:30 a.m. menus display breakfast content, however that content shifts at lunchtime. Ping’s goal was to deploy a content updating process that was easy to use and could be handled by Fresh Grocer employees without interruption to the consumers during high traffic periods of the day. Unlike the process at other locations, the digital signage facilitates the ability to completely update and change without recreating the end product, which in this instance are Philips LCD displays.

One of the main reasons Ping HD partnered with Philips Signage Solutions is because of its focus on commercial display applications. “Philips understands the demands placed on a commercial product being tasked to run flawlessly for 16, 18 and even 24 hours per day,” said Kevin Goldsmith, Director of Digital Media Operations at Ping HD.

In addition to a crisp, clean picture, Philips signage displays also offer SmartPower, which reduces power consumption up to 40 percent by lowering energy usage during off peak hours of the evening. To lower energy cost associated with running a digital signage network, Ping HD enabled this truly valuable feature found on Philips signage displays.

“With the Fresh Grocer operating 24 hours a day with multiple signage displays, SmartPower makes sense. The reduced power consumption translates to real energy savings daily, weekly and yearly,” said Angad Chera, the Marketing Communications Strategist at Philips Signage Solutions.

The Results

The New Jersey Fresh Grocer location opened in November 2012 and the digital signage enhancement has already received a positive customer response. In terms of brand perception, the high-quality Philips signage displays leave a lasting impact. Based on the positive customer feedback and the reduced time and labor involved with changing in-store messaging, the company plans to continue to utilize digital signage in future builds and retrofits of existing locations.

“By leveraging digital signage in our stores , we have been able to stay current and innovate while also providing us with a new channel for advertising, cross merchandising and branding.” Carly Spross the Marketing Director for The Fresh Grocer.

At this point, Ping HD and The Fresh Grocer work collaboratively to update and maintain signage content. As The Fresh Grocer becomes more and more familiarized with the features of the technology, Ping HD will begin to play less of a role in the content updating process. While on the front end the company was concerned with the time, energy, expense and unknowns of the digital signage investment, it plans to continue to utilize the technology going forward.

“The owners of the Fresh Grocer envision pushing this out to additional locations and see this as an opportunity to grow into something more than a collection of menu boards. They anticipate growing it into something interesting that people don’t necessarily anticipate,” said Darrin McMahon, Director of Strategic Accounts at Ping HD.

With the technology in place, it will be easy to replicate as Philips displays are implemented into additional Fresh Grocer locations.