School communicates to students with digital signage.

A school is an ever changing environment, and as such the staff is tasked with many challenges throughout the day. One of the biggest difficulties they face is the ability to communicate important and relevant information to a large body of students. Herbert Hoover Middle School faced such a challenge, and instead of sticking with traditional static communication methods, chose to integrate digital signage into their school.


With a student population of over 1,000 children, getting a message across to all students is difficult for the administration. Things like important announcements, new activities, or after school programs would go unnoticed. The administration had tried whiteboards in the past, but this was both cumbersome and time consuming. By the time the information had been updated on the whiteboard, it was too late, or students just walked by without noticing it.



How Philips helped

During his search for a better way to communicate information to students, Kenneth Kong, the IT Manager at HHMS, turned to Philips for a digital signage solution. “We needed something that would draw the students attention, something that they will draw their eyes long enough to see what we have to say. A large monitor was the way we could do that”


The main attribute he was looking for was a display that allowed him, or anyone else, to make real time updates to any connected monitor, all through a central location. That’s why he chose the Philips QL series, with it’s SmartCMS feature. This feature allows any user to create media zones, and upload their content, whether it’s scrolling text, video, or picture, to its specified zone. Anyone with access could then post updates, and have it broadcast to all the monitors at the school.

This digital signage solution also offered the best bang for the buck for HHMS, as the SmartCMS feature is included for free with the QL series. Additionally, the switch to digital signage allowed for the teachers to focus more time on relevant aspects of their job, as opposed to spending time updating and erasing their static signage.


What would you say to others considering a switch to Philips digital signs?

“A middle school is a dynamic environment, no two days are the same. So we wanted a display that allowed us to make real time updates in an appealing, visual way. The SmartCMS feature from the Philips QL series allowed us to do this, not to mention the fact that it came free with the monitor” Kenneth Kong


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